Modern Technology

So here I am sitting waiting for my dad at Gatwick and it ooccurred to me just how ubiquitous and enabling technology is nowadays, and how much we take it for granted. I have just driven 200 miles, without any thought, leaving at the time Tom Tom told me and arriving at the time it promised. I gave no thought to the little pistons in the engine going up and down several thousand time a minute, or any of the myriad of other components whirling away to make my car go. I had Tom Tom doing the navigation (and that's using a satellite 20,000 miles up in space falling towards the earth at exactly the same speed as the earth rotates away from it to provide a geostationary orbit). I checked the traffic on the iPhone, listened to Podcasts downloaded from the Internet and made a few calls using Bluetooth and handsfree dialing. I have just checked the flight status using an App that showed where the plane was (just below France if you're interested) and I am now uploading this post with another App, so you, dear reader, can read it on whatever device you choose, whenever you like. All this from a device that fits in my pocket!

Isn't technology wonderful!