Is Nokia on the way out?

I've always liked Nokia phones, there's always been one or two knocking about here and there is no doubt they have brought smartphones to the masses  (even if the masses don't know it) by dropping the price down to affordable levels. But, over the weekend I sold both my E71 and 5800 because I just got so frustrated with them! This got me thinking, and after a totally un-scientific survey I've come to the conclusion that, in the west at least, Nokia's star is fading.

All this week I've kept a look out for what phones people are using and I've hardly seen any Nokia's. It used to be that everyone had one, certainly people under twenty wouldn't be seen with anything else, but now they are all using Blackberrys or Samsungs or even iPhones. A few years ago a quick look round the table at a meeting and you would spot a handful of Nokia's, now you'll be lucky to find one!

I don't know if its a fashion thing, carriers not pushing the devices, or if all the other brands have caught up, but Nokia just isn't "in" any more. I know that they are concentrating on emerging markets, so maybe they don't care and according to the figures at the moment they have a commanding share of the market, so maybe they are right to grow other areas. But it seems a dangerous game to me. For us techy folk, Nokia haven't brought out anything that has wowed us since the N95 so we have already moved on, the last few releases have gotten nothing more that a "Huh! Nothing special" response. For the normal people out there, for whatever reason, they are avoiding Nokia's, and soon the brand wont even figure in the decision process, as other names come to the fore, and at that point it will be very hard to come back.

I'm sure Nokia will continue to grow as they concentrate on "the next 4 billion" but I just hope they don't forget their existing markets.