In the middle is my 27inch Apple iMac and above it is a TV hooked up to a Apple TV. On the right is a screen connected to the iMac which defaults to Parallels, which allows me to use the iMac to emulate Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The screen is sitting on a ICYBox USB disk enclosue with 2 TB of disk space for Clients backups. Below that screen is my Macbook Air that also has Parallels on it so I can troubleshoot Windows and Mac problems on the go. Next to the Air is a very old Kindle for a bit of reading and behind that is my Windows phone on its wireless charging plate. Hidden under the desk is a Buffalo 6 TB NAS drive for all the data I seemed to have accumalated!

On the left is a screen that I use to connect to clients PC whilst fixing them and in front of that is my Windows 8 tablet and keyboard. Underneath is another ICYBox USB enclosure used for getting data off Hard Disks in emercencys. Under the iMac is an ancient iPod and my Android phone, and next to that is the iPhone dock. The phone is missing because thats what I used to take the picture. On the floor is a backup battery (UPS) to power all this stuff in the case of a power failure.